Can we help?

Can we help?

We hope you find some useful information about your rights under human rights law and equality law on this website. Simply select the issue that is most relevant to you to find out what the law says, how to make a complaint and where to get further information.

Some situations are very complicated, so you might not find what you are looking for.  You can contact us if you need extra information:

  • Call us on 1890 245 545
  • E-mail us on
  • Our office hours are Mon – Fri: 9 am–1 pm and 2 pm–5 pm

If we can not help you ourselves, we can help you find an organisation which can help you.

What do we do?

Our job is to promote and protect human rights and equality.

We do this in a number of different ways, including for example:

  • Reviewing the law and practice and making recommendations to the Government
  • Carrying out and publishing research
  • Consulting with national and international organisations
  • Giving individuals assistance, including legal assistance, in certain legal cases which concern human rights or equality, in accordance with our legislation, the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act 2014
  • Giving information to the public about equality and human rights

What we cannot do

Unfortunately, there are things that we cannot do, including:

  • Deal with matters that are not covered by equality law or human rights..
  • Help you with human rights and equality issues which happen outside the Republic of Ireland
  • Advise you on private legal disputes
  • Provide a support or, advocacy service
  • We are not like a court and we cannot overturn court decisions, make findings of wrongdoing or, order compensation or redress.
  • We cannot overturn decisions taken by government departments or public officials.