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Equality law in Ireland

Not all differences of treatment are seen as discrimination under Ireland’s equality laws. This means that the Workplace Relations Commission, as the main body responsible for deciding on discrimination in Ireland, may not be able to assist you if you feel you have been discriminated against for a reason other than one of the protected categories of people (protected grounds).

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Human rights law in Ireland

The issues you are experiencing may be better understood under the concept of human rights, rather than equality. Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to everyone, and are protected in many Irish and international laws. The courts decide on human rights cases, which are brought by individuals and organisations through their lawyers.

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The Your Rights service can provide information on your rights and the remedies available to you under equality and human rights law in Ireland. Please note that Your Rights does not provide legal advice and does not comment on the application of the law to individual circumstances.

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There are many organisations and bodies in Ireland that maybe be able to offer you assistance with your human rights and equality issue.

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