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My issue is about mental health

People who have mental health difficulties are covered by the Employment Equality Acts 1998-2015 (EEA).

They are included under the disability ground, which is one of the nine grounds covered by the EEA.  Depression, stress and anxiety are among the kinds of mental health difficulty that may be regarded as disabilities under the law.

Example An employer dismisses an employee while they are on sick leave for depression.  Other people who are on sick leave for other conditions are not dismissed.

The law says that employers must take appropriate measures to meet the needs of workers and job applicants who have disabilities. This means employers should put in place practical measures that ensure that people with mental health difficulties have what they need, so that they can do the job like other people.

Employers do not have to hire, promote, retain or provide training for a person who is not capable of doing a particular job.  But they cannot decide that the person is not capable without considering if there are appropriate measures which would support the person to do the job. Also, employers do not have to take measures if these measures would place a disproportionate burden on the employer.

It is hard for employers to know what appropriate measures to provide if they do not know that you have a mental health difficulty.

Do you think that you have experienced discrimination in relation to work because of a mental health difficulty?