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My issue is about equal pay

You have a right to equal pay for like work.

Equal pay for like work is part of everyone’s contract of employment. The law which deals with equality in the workplace, including equal pay, is the Employment Equality Acts 1998 – 2015 (‘the EEA’).   Your right to equal pay for like work applies to all the nine grounds covered by the EEA.

Like work is work that

  • is performed in the same or similar conditions as another employee, or
  • is interchangeable with the work of another employee, or
  • is of equal value to the work performed by another employee.

Employers can pay different rates of severance pay to people of different ages if their jobs come to an end.  This is not discrimination under the age ground.

The Pensions Act 1990 (as amended) deals with the principle of equal treatment in pensions.  If you want to find out more about other aspects of pensions and pension rights, contact the Pensions Authority.

Do you think that you have been, or are being discriminated against on the basis of equal pay?